Frequently Asked Questions.

Whether you are a media agency or a direct business owner, we all have questions. We have put together the below questions and answers, that will hopefully give you a much better understanding of Outdoor advertising and help in the planning of your next campaign.
How big are the billboards?
  • The size of the billboards vary, however standard sizes are:
  • 6 x 3m billboards landscape
  • 4 x 6m billboards portrait
  • 12.66m x 3.35m (Supersites)
  • Spectacular Billboards sizes (larger than Supersites) generally equal or larger than 18.99m x 4.55m
How long is my message displayed for?

Typically billboards are booked for a minimum of 28 days (4 week display lunar periods).
You can book one site for multiple months or several and move your billboard skin from
site to site to give greater coverage.
Digital Billboards are displayed for a minimum of 1 week.

What is an appropriate planning window?

Generally you should plan billboards three months in advance, bearing in mind some billboard locations may book out six to twelve months in advance. You should allow yourself approximately one month for the creative process and printing of the billboard skin/s. When necessary we can turn a print around in a few days, So dont think its too late to put a billboard up at the last minute.

What is the process to get my advertisement on the billboard?
  • 1.Check availabilities and book preferred billboard sites.
  • 2.Design billboard artwork / creative - ask us for artwork specifications.
  • 3.Print production of billboard skin - ask us for specifications (site specific) and for a production quote.
  • 4. Ship
  • 5.Installation of billboard skin.
Questions to ask yourself when planning billboard advertising.
  • 1.Who am I trying to target? Where is my client base?
  • 2.Are you branding? Launching a new product or service? Moved location?
  • 3.What is the timing of the campaign?
  • 4.What is the budget for your campaign? (Needs to include site rental, production, installs, creative).
  • 5.How will you measure the success of the campaign?
Can I move my billboard skin from one site to another?

Yes. The same vinyl skin can be moved easily from one billboard site to another of same size. You can even use it as a normal wall banner

Where are the billboards located?

There are thousands of billboards located throughout Australia Nationally. Please feel free to give us your
specific target areas, and we will provide a list of sites suited to your budget and marketing

How do digital billboards work?
  • Digital billboards work differently to static billboards in many way
  • 1. Unlike static billboards where your ad is displayed 24hrs 7 days a week, with a digital billboard, you are purchasing a share of space and will be displayed in rotation with other advertisers.
  • 2. Some billboards have up to 10 slots to purchase. Typically led billboards acrossAustralia have a 1 in 6, 1 in 10 or 1 in 8 share of voice.
  • 3. Time slots average between 10, 15 and 30 seconds. The time slot length is dependent on the permit allowed by the local council.
  • 4. Digital billboards are an extremely flexible medium, due to the fact that creative content can be uploaded within seconds from delivery.
  • 5. You can change your message regularly to suit different times of day, events or points of interest.

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