Billboard Printing and Production.

We utilise the latest, cutting edge, large format digital print technology, giving us the ability to produce high resolution billboard skins with speedy output. This ensures our agency and media partners the peace of mind that the job will get done on time and at a superior quality.
How to Scale Artwork

Refer to panel specific dimensions provided on the Campaign Instruction Specs spreadsheet for exact sizing. All files should be set up at 10% of the final finished size @300dpi. For example – If you have a 6m x 3m billboard setup your document size to 600mm x 300mm.

Actual Size

How do Visual and Finished sizes work? Actual size is the final printed or ad display size. Visual size is the safe area within a billboard display area. Ensure all logos and text are kept within the Visual (safe) area, to ensure they are not cut off by obstuctions or capping.


Please add 10mm bleed on all sides of art.

How to Supply Artwork

Please email the artwork (up to 10 megabytes) to your account manager or create a transfer link via to send larger files.

PDF Formats

All PDF files need to be supplied at 300dpi, CMYK, set-up to the correct scale and created using ‘Press Quality’ settings. Maximum PDF file size of 500MB, preferred option is for layered files to be exported with PDF/X-4 setting.


All typefaces need to be converted to curves/paths/outlines.


All blacks to be supplied as CMY = 60% and K = 100% (disable overprint)


Finished artwork is required 21 days prior to the campaign start date. Finished material is required 7 days prior to the campaign start date.

If you require further information, call us now on: 1300 750 922