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UK: Dynamic DOOH delivers a 48% higher success rate, so why are only 8% of campaigns using it? In 2019, half of consumers said they choose news sources based on credibility alone, and that they like and use brands that advertise on trusted sights.* This result, along with countless other surveys, shows that the ad industry needs to step up in their offerings of choice and transparency – it’s clear the stakes have never been higher & 2021 will be the year defined by trust and choice.

The outdoor advertising has launched a self regulatory campaign to restrict billboard advertising of unhealthy foods near Australian schools and tackle obesity.

Peak industry body Outdoor Media Association (OMA) says the Health and Wellbeing Policy is a world-first to take an active role in limiting the public’s exposure to discretionary food and drinks.

“Almost one in four children is overweight or obese and this complex problem requires a comprehensive set of policies and programs to help Australians lead healthier lives,” says OMA chief executive Charmaine Moldrich.

“As experts in advertising, we want to use the power of out of home (OOH) to make a real difference.”

The industry will also donate up to $3 million each year to promote healthy diets and lifestyle choices on its signs.
The national policy restricts the advertising of discretionary food and drink products on out of home signs within a 150 metre sightline of a school. (140 meters is considered the limit to readability.)


The policy aims to meet community expectations and support government efforts to tackle overweight and obesity in Australia.
The OMA has consulted with industry, food groups, advertisers, health promotion experts and government and conducted extensive research on Australian and international best practice.

The policy:

Discretionary food and drink product advertising to be restricted from areas within 150 metres of a primary orf secondary schools.
Food and drink advertising to be based on Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Health Star Rating system.

$3 million of donated advertising space across Australia every year to feature campaigns supporting healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
Creative support from the OOH industry to create campaigns to reach the targeted audience.
Compliance monitoring of the national restrictions with annual reports provided to state and federal governments.
Annual meetings to be held with key industry stakeholders and health promotion experts to assess the restrictions and the educational programs.

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