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Outdoor Advertising Princes Freeway.

Princes Freeway

Billboards and Billboard advertising along the Princes Freeway, Melbourne.

The Princes Freeway is a 159 kilometres, 2 section freeway, which links Melbourne to Geelong

The section linking Geelong and Melbourne is an important commuter and freight route between the two cities. The entire freeway is one of the busiest sections of rural highway in Victoria, used by large numbers of freight and commercial vehicles and provides access to tourist attractions in central and east Gippsland. It supports Victoria’s rural industries and tourism.

All Billboard Sites on the Princes Fwy are either Supersites or Spectacular sites, 12.66m x 3.35m and With a price range between $7,000 and 35,000 per lunar month.

Feel free to browse the below interactive map to see approximate locations of all billboard sites owned by multiple vendors along the Princes Freeway.

Princes Freeway Billboard Advertising

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