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Regional Billoards and Outdoor Advertising across Victoria.

What do we know about consumers in regional Australia?

Over 30% of Australians live outside the capital cities in areas classified as Major Urban, Regional & Rural sectorss.

Almost 60% of regional customers have a professional or executive role.

Regional consumers have a higher household income compared with the Australian average ($75k compared with $61k).

Regional consumers rely heavily on their vehicles, with an average of 1.96 cars per household.

almost 100% use their car as their main mode of transport.

Outdoor Advertising on Billboards thoughout regional Victoria.

There are billboards in most of the regional sectors in Victoria, however some of the larger areas covered by billboard signs are; Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton, Wondonga, Albury and Warnambool.

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