Smaller Billboard Formats

Below is a breakdown of the most common small format advertising sizes. Typically small format sites are lower in cost and situated on secondary and local roads only. They are utilised best for path to purchase advertising or when bought in packs, mass brand awareness campaigns..

24 SHEET (6×3) 6m x 3m

These highly cost effective sites are extremely popular within small to medium businesses.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Market Rate: $2,000 – $3,800 pm
  • Installation: $400 – $525 approx
  • Print Production: $500 approx
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Campaign: GENERAL
Located on and across from the railway platforms these sites stare loudly at awaiting commuters.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Market Rate: $4500 pm
  • Installation: $500 approx
  • Print Production: $500 approx
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BUS SHELTER 1.8m x 1.2m

The mini billboards of the street, these 1.8m x 1.2m sites can be bought line by line or as national packs.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Average Rate: $1500 pp / pm
  • Installation: $40 – 50 pp approx
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METROBACK 600 x 1200mm

These ad panels are an extremely cost effective form of local advertising and is typically bought in packs.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Packages start at around $5500.
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Bus Interior

Reach a highly captive audience who have time to read and absorb messages with Interiors.

Other interior options are also available.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Average Rate: 50 pk – $4,500 pm
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PORTRAIT 3m x 4.5m / 4m x 6m

These portrait sites, predominently come in 2 popular sizes 3m x 4.5m and 4m x 6m.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Market Rate: $2,500 – $7,000 pm
  • Installation: $300 – $495 approx
  • Print Production: $550 approx
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Placement is key. Start searching across every billboard site in Melbourne for your perfect location and get in front of the right audience.



Poster Advertising is a great form of street advertising at a local level with excellent reach.
Media time in market is guaranteed.
Posters are installed weekly and maintained throughout each week.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Average Rate: $25 – $100 per poster per week Installation: $4 pp approx
  • Available in Portrait and Landscape sizes.
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The STUDY Network is the most powerful and simple way to connect and engage university students at scale.

Pricing Approximates range from:

  • Package Rate Minimum: $20,000
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Shop Panels

With over 540+ shopping centres in Australia, retail advertising can deliver on multiple marketing objectives and retail proximity requirements.
Formats are available as Atrium Banners /Decals /Digital Screens / Shop Panels /Billboards /Sampling.

Shoppalite panels can be bought as a single panel or in a pack, depending on the format.

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Please note this is only indicitave average associated costing only. The billboard price ranges quoted are gst exclusive. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

One way of saving on print production costs for multiple site campaigns is to rotate your billboard skin. Once printed the billboard skin can be moved to same sized billboard sites the next month or even stored and used at a later date.

Billboard advertising periods work on Lunar calendar, each lunar month is 28 days. There are 13 lunar months per calendar year.
Minimum buy for static billboard advertising is 1 lunar month and minimum buy for a digital billboard is typically 1 week.
Minimum buy for static bus shelters is 2 weeks and digital bus shelter is 1 week.

To see our latest calendar with posting dates please click here.

Creative costs are not included in the above pricing. Creative costs can vary depending on the time and amount of design elements involved.

Please contact us now for a strategic proposal and more accurate price for your billboard site of preference, or for further information please see our Faqs advice section.

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